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We need help raising funds for our beautiful shepherd puppy with a broken jaw.

Our director received an urgent call today (7/14/14) about an injured German shepherd hiding under coils in the back of a warehouse. She left immediately to help this poor girl.

We went to our normal vet only to find that she has a dislocated, fractured and infected jaw due to head trauma; most likely hit by a car. She has two teeth missing from her bottom jaw and a possible piece of her jaw missing. She is bleeding from the whites of her eyes and needed to be rushed to OVRS for immediate surgery. Please say a prayer, donate and share our newest rescue.

For direct donations, please contact Oakland Veterinary Referral Services at (248) 334-6877. Thanks so much to all who have donated so far.

SIGNAL BOOST: Ok, I know you guys see A LOT of these posts, and I know you scroll past them, I know you probably will but seriously….DON’T DO IT WITH THIS ONE. Just listen to me! this is so important and it is very important that this poor baby gets the surgery she needs immediately!!!!!! there’s not that much time left, she’s only a baby pup and this fundraiser is really important, PLEASE PASS THIS ON!!!!!!! 






Guys this Hannah . Her Instagram is _ lemeeoww_
on the 4th she went missing from the Toronto Warped Tour event . Please if you have seen her anywhere contact the police at (416-808-2200) or her cousin on Instagram . Please signal boost this and help her home .

I dont care what kind of blog you run you still have to repost this

reblog this guys, dont just like it

They found her today safe and alive

That’s wonderful news


Since you do not have your ask box open I was unable to ask you directly, but PLEASE stop stealing and reposting other people’s posts.

I appreciate you obviously love jackunzel, which is great, but then you should show your support for the fans who spend the time to make things by re-blogging their work so they get the credit and get encouraged to make more.

The bottom manip belongs to me and took me AGES to make, so it’s really upsetting to see someone else posting it and receiving notes and shares from people who will never even knew that I put all that time into to. The other pictures are obviously from other people too as I can see their water marks on them - jellybreaker.deviantart (stupidly I only recently started putting water marks on my images so my one doesn’t have one on it) so out of respect for them and me can you please delete this post and refrain from re-posting them in the future. Our fandom should stick together and we can do that best by sharing and celebrating other people’s work - not by stealing from them. 



















last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

nothing to lose. :))

Let’s hope

Why not? :)

*crossing fingers*

pretty much^^^^

i got nothing to lose. (:

Last time i did this my wish came true.

Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

im fucking crying of joy at the /thought/ of my wish coming true…

it came true last time…so why not


hoping and praying…

Why not.

lets see.

my wish came true……………..this is creepy

Please stay

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